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For our latest collaborative apparel project we’ve partnered with our longtime friend and creative collaborator, multimedia artist John Ortiz, who has created original works on a small batch of our “The 37th Chamber Mixtape” T-shirt.

John draws his inspiration from a love of diverse art and design. Growing up in New York City, he was introduced to graffiti at a young age. Legends like Futura and Ces provided the visual aesthetics, detailed techniques, and rhythm of colors, which laid the foundation for his style today. 

John has worked with us in the past, having shown his work in our SOUND PATTERNS art exhibitions, at Bowie State University and a show commemorating our CAN I KICK IT? screening of The Warriors at The Kennedy Center, as well having created stencils for our SOUND PATTERNS Artist Maker Station activations.

We’re excited about this latest series as John, using his style of graffiti inspired art via spray paint on our “The 37th Chamber Mixtape T-shirt, shows the relationship between two core elements of hip-hop culture: our mixtape (rap music) and graffiti – the visual language of the culture.  The shirts were individually painted – making them one of a kind works of art.

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